April 1, 2017

Worship and Music

Our church has been open every Sunday through pandemic. We have switched the way we worship to online, but our witness and presence has continued. Now we are adapting again: transitioning to hybrid worship with a vibrant in-person and online connection.
See our latest worship information and RSVP for our upcoming in-person services.

Music is a vibrant mix of classic hymns like “Amazing Grace,” ancient, global, and newly composed music.

Under the direction of composer/songwriter/singer/guitarist Tom Zehnder, a typical service may include a glorious ancient hymn with organ, a soulful spiritual song on guitar and piano, and a lively African praise song with just voice and drum.
Joining the music makers several times a year are two resident classical instrument teachers: one a violinist, and the other a classical guitarist. Tom also incorporates other gifted congregants from time-to-time and organizes a volunteer “pop-up” singing ensemble – come on out if you feel like singing!

We want visitors to feel welcome. You do not need to feel obligated to give during the offering. We won’t ask you to introduce yourself, but don’t be surprised if others introduce themselves to you. If you want to leave a piece of contact information, someone from the church would be happy to contact you.


Sermon Podcast

You can now listen to weekly sermons from Culver City Presbyterian Church. Get to know the sounds of Culver Pres and be blessed!