April 1, 2017

Donate to Hurricane Relief

We did it!

Thanks to your generosity – we raised $1,325 for hurricane relief through Presbyterian Disaster Assistance, well over our goal of $1,000. Plus, Culver Pres is matching $1,000 of these donation. Thank you for your support!

To further support relief efforts, follow the link below. Together, we can do more.


Pray with PDA for those continuing to experience flooding and rainfall:


Statement on Charlottesville:

Pastor Frances W. Rosenau addressed the violence in Charlottesville directly in her sermon on August 13th:

“White supremacy is a particular kind of evil. It’s an evil that says some people are better and others deserve hatred. We are not talking about another viewpoint to be debated. This is hatred; this is terrorism. As Christians we have a moral obligation to name it as such.

“When people use the name of my God to spout hate, it makes me go deeper into my faith: to read scripture more, to get to know Jesus more, to pray more. Because I know Jesus very well, and I know his Love. That’s where I get my courage from.

“In Debby Irving’s book Waking Up White, she describes her journey acknowledging and learning about her own white privilege. She was trained as an educator and describes anti-bullying training. Traditionally, the focus used to be on scolding the bully and comforting the victim. Now, training has more to do with empowering the bystanders as well. Many children are grateful to have tools and language to stand up to a bully and stand with the victim. You can’t be neutral in the face of bullying. And, you can’t be neutral in the face of racism, says Irving. Wherever you locate yourself – bully, victim, or bystander – we have to reject racism and stand together.”


Our regional Presbytery also sent the following message to churches in LA. :

To Leaders in the Presbytery of the Pacific:
Our PC(USA) Stated Clerk, Rev. Dr. J. Herbert Nelson II, Interim Executive Director of PCUSA Tony de la Rosa, and Rev. T. Denise Anderson and Rev. Dr. Jane Edmiston, PCUSA Co-Moderators, issued a strong statement on Charlottesville this week:
“We acknowledge the church’s complicity in the creation of white supremacy and racism. We confess the church’s failure in challenging and disrupting white supremacy and racism. Too often we have accepted the status quo. Too often we have stood silent in the face of injustice and oppression.
By God’s grace may we remember the events in Charlottesville; repent of our acquiescence and failures; and renew our commitment to proclaim and live the good news of Jesus Christ. May that commitment lead us to stand against, speak against and work against racism and white supremacy, this day and every day.”  –PC(USA) Statement on Charlottesville, August 13, 2017
In the Los Angeles area, Rev. Linda Culberston serves on the Los Angeles Council of Religious Leaders, which came out with a statement as well. On Sunday night, there was a deeply powerful interfaith prayer vigil with Presbytery of the Pacific representation at Homan United Methodist Church.
We know however, that we are called to do much more than make statements; we are called to be a bold and courageous witness of love and justice in the name of Jesus. To that end, stay tuned; there will be opportunities for involvement as people of faith in the coming weeks. If you are interested in becoming part of the planning, please contact Rev. Heidi Worthen Gamble, Mission Catalyst: heidi@pacificpresbytery.org.
Grace and Peace,
Rev. Linda Culbertson, General Presbyter
Rev. Heidi Worthen Gamble, Mission Catalyst





Volunteer At Church

We are always looking for volunteers to share their gifts: greeting at the door, bringing food, serving in mission, helping with maintenance, counting the offering, teaching Sunday School, or speaking in worship.

Maybe you have some other gift to offer. Tell us! We would love to partner with you and share in God’s ministry. Sign-up sheet is located in the social hall or contact the church office.

310-398-3071 or info@culvercitypres.org