Plastic-Free Lent

This Lent you have the opportunity to take part in the Plastic-Free Lent Challenge! Each week, beginning March 10th, we will hear from folks who are participating to learn together and support each other as we work toward stewardship of God’s creation!


  1. Avoid the BIG four! – Plastic bags; plastic straws; take-out coffee cups; and plastic water bottles.
  2. Say no to free gifts and promotional items. Do you really need that free pen?
  3. Refuse extras when getting take-out. Say no to sauce packets, utensils, bags, and napkins. If you are eating on the run, keep a set of utensils you can wash and reuse.
  4. Bring your own container out to a restaurant to pack up your leftovers. You can also only order what you know you’ll be able to eat. You can always order more!
  5. Bring reusable produce bags to the grocery store and choose loose produce over packaged. Buy veggies whole rather than pre-cut to avoid packaging.
  6. Choose non-plastic versions of the things you already buy… like cardboard or wooden cotton swabs instead of plastic.
  7. Shop the bulk bins at the grocery store. Bring along cloth or mesh bags for your goods.
  8. Use reusable containers when packing lunch and snacks.
  9. Try a bamboo toothbrush instead of a plastic toothbrush. When the toothbrush is ready to be tossed, remove the bristles and toss the handle in the green bin.
  10. Store leftovers without plastic wrap. Try using containers with lids, beeswax wraps, or placing a plate on a bowl as a lid
  11. Treat yourself to an ice cream cone rather than eating from a cup.
  12. Buy fresh bread that comes in a paper bag.
  13. Let go of frozen conveniences… Say farewell to prefab meals!
  14. Go gum free! – You read correctly. Gum is made of plastic.
  15. Shop at your local farmers market (and don’t forget your reusable bags!).
  16. Buy dishwasher detergent that comes in a box.
  17. Use natural cleaning cloths and scrubbers instead of plastic scrubbers and synthetic sponges.
  18. Check the labels on personal care products. Many face washes have tiny plastic beads. Avoid anything with polyethylene.
  19. Try bar soap instead of liquid hand soap.
  20. Try to find hair products, balms, lotions, and soaps in glass jars or metal tins.
  21. Choose toilet paper that’s not wrapped in plastic.
  22. If you have to buy a plastic item, try to find it used instead of new. Check out Freecycle, Craigslist, or Nextdoor to see if a neighbor has what you’re looking for.
  23. Repair things when they break.
  24. Use a handkerchief instead of tissue. Wait, are tissues made of plastic? The answer is “no” but the box has plastic to help hold the tissues for easy access.
  25. Last but not least… Try to throw a Plastic Free Easter! See how many ways you can cut plastic from your celebration and share pictures with us by sending them to
    Special thanks to Zero Waste Los Angeles (founded by our very own Chelsea Barnes) and for information and inspiration!